The Gold Cup, the most famous Newfies competition in Europe, was created in Denmark and since 1996 has been included by SAT in its calendar of official events.

The competition will go on for two days and the judges will alternate in judging the different classes and sex .

During the contest (except for Baby and Junior classes) each Judge will assign some ribbons for “CQ” (Quality Certification) to the dogs they will consider Award of Merit in their class.

At the end of the each day all the dogs with a CQ will be called back to the ring following this order: Champions, Open Class, Versatile, Intermediate, Youngs and Veterans.

The Judge who judged the Male classes(Intermediate, Open, Champions) will choose among them the four best dogs and the same will be done by the Female judge, qualifying them as SELECT.

Among these four best dogs and four bitches, each judge will choose the Best Dog and Best Bitch for the Best of Breed competition of the day; the judges in charge will be the same of the Saturday selection, but assigned to the opposite Sex Class.

By the end of the two days contest, the dogs on show inside the ring for the GOLD CUP should go from a minimum of 8 ( 4 males + 4 bitches selected from the 2 days competition ) to a maximum of 16 (8 males + 8 bitches selected from the 2 days competition).

Later on Sunday, at the end of the Best of Breed competition, after a short break, all the selected dogs will be called back to the ring wearing no ribbon, so as to keep their previous placement undisclosed.

Here a third judge will be introduced, whose identity will not be known until his/her arrival to the ring. This judge will not have attended the previous competitions and will know nothing of the placements of any of the dogs to be judged . On his/her entering into the ring he/she will be introduced to the public and will find all the dogs inside the ring ready to be assessed for the Gold Cup competition.

After the judgment, he/she will select the best Male and Female, awarding the 2013 Gold Cup Winner and the Best Opposite Sex.

It might well be that the Gold Cup Winner is not a class winning dog, because the Gold Cup is an entirely different competition!

The 2013 Gold Cup Winner and the BOS, will take home the Trophy just for one year, returning it to the Sat Committee before the beginning of the next year’s Gold Cup Sat.

We must remind all the owners that the assignment of dogs to the different classes (except Champion class ) depends exclusively on the age of the dog at the time of the show; it is not allowed to change the entry class after it has been printed in the official catalog.

The Dogs with Champion title shall be registered only in Champion class or Veterans .

Any problem deriving from the misinterpretation of the official regulations will be submitted to the show Committee’s unobjectionable judgment.

Any issue not specifically dealt with in this document will be regulated by the official ENCI Bylaws.